[PD-dev] adding standard install paths to the 'puredata' package

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sat Dec 5 13:51:14 CET 2009

Hans-Christoph Steiner hat gesagt: // Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:

> The problem is versioning.  One of the goals of Pd-extended is to be  
> compatible with the same version of Pd-vanilla, i.e. Pd-extended 0.40.3 
> can run anything that Pd-vanilla 0.40.3 can.  I imagine that desiredata 
> has a similar goal, but maybe not.  The objects in 'extra' are part of 
> what Pd-vanilla 0.40.3 provides.

Okay, now here's an issue: I agree that the objects in "extra" are something,
that "pd" should provide. But if the packages "pdextended" and "desiredata"
provide "pd" they also have to provide, say, expr.pd_linux, even if "puredata"
is not installed. This gets even hairier with things like helpfiles: a package
that provides "pd" should include and provide route-help.pd, of which we have a 
different one in PDDP which maybe is part of "pdextended.deb" (or maybe isn't).

> So if the objects in extra come with the 'puredata' package and are put 
> into the common /usr/lib/pd directory, then the 'pdextended' and  
> 'desiredata' packages would use the versions that come with 'puredata'.  
> So that means they would need to be removed from the 'pdextended' and 
> 'desiredata' packages. 

If "pdx" and "dd" provide "pd" and if "providing pd" includes providing an
[expr] object, then you can't do that, see above.

> That's not a big deal, I am ok with that.  But 
> the problem is that if 'puredata' gets updated to 0.43 while 'pdextended' 
> is still at 0.42, and 'puredata' puts the 'extra' externals into the 
> shared directory.  Then 'pdextended' can't be 0.42 compatible anymore.

You can do versioned dependencies with Debian ("Depends: pd >= 0.44"), but of
course a package that provides "X" itself cannot depend on "X >= y.z" in a
sensible way. 

> One idea is to package Pd vanilla's 'extra' separately, i.e. 'pd-extra'.  
> Then 'puredata' can Recommend 'pd-extra' and 'pdextended' can Conflict 
> with 'pd-extra' and I can make versioned packages for 'pdextended', ie 
> 'pd-extra042'.  Another is to have the extra folder from 'puredata' in 
> /usr/lib/puredata.

"pdextended" could also a) depend on "puredata == 0.42", so that it gets
deinstalled or updated, when a newer "puredata" is installed, or b) it could be
completely independent of "puredata" (i.e. have its own "expr.pd_linux") or c)
it could conflict, replace and provide "pd" so that you can only install one.
Maybe there are some other possibilities.


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