[PD-dev] videogrid + pd-extended 0.42.5

lluis gomez i bigorda lluisgomez at hangar.org
Fri Mar 19 01:23:46 CET 2010

ei IOhannes,

thanks you for answers. now it's a bit clear for me.

... personally I will no fight againsts the mess of video API's :)
I can wait until the final GPL video API appear :)

for now I'll just load the videogrid external before Gem.


En/na IOhannes zmölnig ha escrit:
> lluis gomez i bigorda wrote:
>> hi all,
>> yes, we say here "esoteric bug" cause we cannot understand at all why if
>> Gem is linked against libavifile it beaks our ffmpeg code. videogrid is
>> not linked against libavifile !!! that's crazy? or not?
> not  necessarily, since most of those video decoding backends like
> ffmpeg, libavifile, gmerlin, quicktime4linux are plugin based and use
> each other as backends. so the interrelations between all those are
> somewhat messy...
>> and more, if we load videogrid before Gem the crash desapears. why the
>> lib load order can change behaviors of a library in that way? maybe some
>> namespace conflict?
> yes. i guess that libavifile comes with an ffmpeg-plugin which will be
> initialized on loading and which (due to the way ffmpeg is not released)
> conflicts with the ffmpeg version installed on the computer.
>> anyone can put a bit of light on this please? we are just belivers of
>> almighty pd wisdom. you know ... :)
> a similar problem occured with libstdc++ and ati/radeon drivers a while
> ago. i don't think there is a generic solution for such problems (hmm,
> on w32 you have to bundle your library with all it's dependencies; maybe
> this is the solution;; maybe not)
> gfmasdr
> IOhannes

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