[PD-dev] debugging GOP crashes

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at at.or.at
Tue Aug 17 04:10:30 CEST 2010

So I am trying to track down some intermittent crashes related to  
GOP.  The actual crash happens when hslider_draw_update() is called  
with a NULL glist as its second argument.  My guess is that this is  
somehow related to the fact that hslider_draw_update() is not called  
directly, but rather thru sys_queuegui().  I can't seem to make it  
crash before that, in hslider_draw().

Here's the backtrace that I am getting:
0   pd                            	0x0001668f graph_graphrect + 15  
1   pd                            	0x00016a77 glist_ytopixels + 128  
2   pd                            	0x00016b71 text_ypix + 109  
3   pd                            	0x0004153e hslider_draw_update + 43  
4   pd                            	0x00062769 sys_pollgui + 179  
5   pd                            	0x0005edd8 m_mainloop + 814  
6   pd                            	0x000618bf sys_main + 2909  
7   pd                            	0x00002622 _start + 216
8   pd                            	0x00002549 start + 41

Its an intermittent crash in this case.  I've been using my swirler  
patch, basically I load it once, it loads fine. If I close the patch  
leaving Pd open, then reopen swirler, if often crashes (but not always).

Any ideas?



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