[PD-dev] dynamic patching: getting info on objects

Ted Hayes mh1910 at nyu.edu
Fri Aug 20 05:48:27 CEST 2010

I've been playing around with iemguts (finally got it compiled!)—and I think I may have asked my question in a misleading way.

Having done a lot more experimentation I've figured out that what I need is for Pd to print a message to the console when a new object is instantiated (which for me is via a FUDI message) showing the number of inlets and outlets it has.

I could either modify the pd source to post this information (started trying but boy... it'd take some time to figure out how it works) or try to make an external that does this?  I've never done either, so if there's already some easier/better way I'd love to know!

As far as I can tell, [canvasconnections] counts the number of [inlet] and [outlet] objects in the parent abstraction, right?  Or am I missing something?


On Aug 19, 2010, at 3:53 AM, IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:

> On 2010-08-19 07:14, Ted Hayes wrote:
>> Following up on this—doesn't look like anything in iemguts will help.
>> Basically I need either
>> 1) A way to generate a list (once) of all object names, number of inlets and outlets or
>> 2) A way to output the number of inlets and outlets for a given object name.
> iemguts will help.
> see [canvasindex], [canvasconnections] and friends.
> fgmasdr
> IOhannes
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