[PD-dev] initbang and friends WAS: run-up to release 0.43

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Thu Aug 26 09:18:43 CEST 2010

On 2010-08-25 19:16, Jonathan Wilkes wrote:
>> ever tried to delay destroying an object?
> With mouse and cut messages, yes.  With your objects, no.  What 
> happens?

you are talking about a completely different thing than i am.

so let's reset this discussion to my original example.

it's probably easiest to show the problem in a little example (at the
expense of being overly pedagagic)

please do the following:
#1 create an abstraction "myabs.pd"
#2 fill the abstraction with [f]
#3 save the abstraction
#4 open a new patch
#5 add several instances of [myabs] to the patch
#6 now open up one of the abstraction instances
#7 add another object, e.g. [print].
#8 open up another instance of [myabs], and see, that it still only
contains the [f].
#9 close the other instance
#10 save the modified instance
#11 open up another instance of [myabs], and you will see, that it has
updated it's content to match the modified version

this is what you see.
what is actually going on, is that whenever you save an abstraction
instance, all other instances of the same abstraction will be deleted
and re-created.

now please show me how you delay the deletion of all the sister
abstractions, preferrably with "mouse" and "cut" messages.

apart from that, did you ever try to delete an object with "mouse" and
"cut" in a closed window?


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