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Pd's GUI is written in Tcl/Tk, so you'll need to find a Tk widget that  
allows you to write to it.  I think if you want to write bitmaps, then  
you should look at the Tk 'photo' widget. You would probably then send  
the bitmap data via shared memory or a socket.


There is a rough Pd external based on the photo widget if you want an  
example.  But it uses the 0.43 tcl command 'pdsend' rather than the  
old version which was just called 'pd'.  Another example is  
pix_preview in pdvjtools.



On Sep 8, 2010, at 10:16 AM, Dominique Fober wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm currently developing a Pure Data external to display music  
> scores based on the Guido Engine (see the GuidoEngine project at http://guidolib.sourceforge.net 
> ).
> Actually, the Guido engine makes use of its own graphic device  
> abstraction, build on top of Cairo on Linux, Quartz on Mac OS X, GDI  
> or GDI+ on windows. It supports also a Qt based device...
> I've already identified the t_widgetbehavior struct to be notified  
> of my object's lifetime events (although the role of the different  
> fields is not always clear to me). But the question is how can I  
> access to a native graphic context? Another solution could be to  
> draw offscreen and to copy the bitmap data to a pd bitmap provided  
> that such functionality exists?
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> Dominique
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