[PD-dev] buildbot on Macs and from git

András Murányi muranyia at gmail.com
Thu Sep 23 02:13:03 CEST 2010

>> I'm actually not going to have any time to look at this for a couple
>> weeks, so please edit away.
>> Ok, i will. I'm not very good at build building generally, and which steps
>> certain pd sources need, but i'll experiment. I'll bug you if something
>> fails and i really don't know why.
>> I'll still be on email, so I can contribute here and there.  Yeah, I was
>> also thinking that the libs wouldn't stop the whole build.
>> .hc
>> Could you help me with these?
>> - What is the "svn update" meant to do after rsync? Right now it just
>> fails...
>> The rsync server is updated 2-3 times a day, the "svn update" is meant to
>> get any more recent changes.  I fixed that so it should fail anymore.
>> - Pdx "make package" fails on linux with "dpkg-deb: control directory has
>> bad permissions 700 (must be >=0755 and <=0775)", i suppose it's easy to
>> come around this, but i guess from the Makefile...
>> Yeah, this is annoying because builtbot sets the umask so that group and
>> other get no permissions.  but to build a .deb package you need to have the
>> files at least 0755 (user-rwx, group-rx, other-rx). I'm not quite sure how
>> to handle it.  My guess is that it would make sense to set the umask on the
>> buildbot builds to have group/other read/execute perms.  I think that's
>> umask 022.
>> Seems that slaves can have their own umask set in
>> /var/lib/buildbot/slavename/buildbot.tac
>> Set 022 on my box, let's see if it helps.
>> ps: cannot see because an older compile error came back: "cannot find
>> install-sh, install.sh, or shtool"
> Arg, yes, stupid mistake, should be fixed.

and umask settings works, now it's set on all linux boxes (on macs it seems
no problem)

>> - Git update fails with "fatal: ambiguous argument '14159': unknown
>> revision or path not in the working tree. Use '--' to separate paths from
>> revisions". Is it a buldbot bug (tries to use svn version for git?) or do
>> you have another idea?
>> Sounds like git and svn are fighting ;-) Sounds like the buildbot is
>> running git with the SVN revision number: "/usr/bin/git reset --hard 14165".
>>  I guess that happens when a new SVN checkin triggers a git build.  I think
>> we need to remove the SVN tracking for a PBChangeSources style.
>> Done. buildbot 0.8.1 has GitPoller() so one day we may be able to set it
>> up. Meanwhile we could take a look how this PBChangeSource() can be
>> triggered from the sourceforge git. One way is contrib/git_buildbot.py,
>> another a commit script calling "buildbot sendchange" and the last resort is
>> parsing commit mails ("post-receive-email" for git) with a MaildirSource()
>> which is to be written up. Knowing that GitPoller() already exists i'd
>> recommend the simplest solution but which one is that? :)
>> Andras
> The pollers are nice, but we can't use them because they assume that all
> builds are coming from that single git source.  If we want to setup multiple
> masters, then we could.  It sounds like the thing to do is investigate the
> PBChangeSource stuff to see if we can have the pure-data SVN and multiple
> git sources
Alrite, it's a whole new world for me... We have git sources, and it seems
we'll continue having some svn sources, and is rsync a different source
They'll have to trigger the "buildbot sendchange --plus lots of args"
command on any box that has buildbot installed.
There  are some examples in /usr/share/buildbot/contrib/, but i think the
first thing to figure out is how we gonna hook post-receive on each of these
source. If we cannot hook (is it possible at all on sourceforge?) we'll have
to use mails.

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