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Category: puredata
Group: documentation
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Priority: 5
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Submitted By: Matteo Sisti Sette (sistisette)
Assigned to: Miller Puckette (millerpuckette)
Summary: corrected help patch for textfile

Initial Comment:
I corrected the following statements:

1) "You can read a file and output sequential lines AS LISTS" --> "as messages". (on the left, first paragraph)

It is not true that [textfile] always outputs lists: if the message is a list, it is output as list, if it is not, it is not. The message is simply output "as is".

2) "first send "clear" to empty THE QLIST" --> "the sequence". (on the left, second paragraph)

I guess this was copy-pasted from the help patch for [qlist]. The term "the sequence" is used in another part of the patch to refer to the sequence of message stored in the [textfile] object, so I suppose it is the best word to use here.

3) "You can also use this object simply for storing heterogeneous sequences OF LISTS." --> "of messages".

Same error as (1). It stores any kind of messages, not only lists.

4) "output one line AS A LIST" --> "as a message" (on the right, second item, comment to the "bang" input message)

Same error as (1)

5) The [print] object at the left outlet, I have replaced [print list] with [print message]. Though this is only a name and could be called anything, it is rather misleading to use "list" since it won't necessary output lists (and won't output any list at all with the example file and messages).


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