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Submitted By: Frank Barknecht (fbar)
Assigned to: Miller Puckette (millerpuckette)
Summary: [feature] grain message for "line" to set time grain

Initial Comment:
Attached patch for x_time.c adds a "grain $1" method to the [line] object which allows setting the update rate/time grain of a line object dynamicall after it was created. So far the only way to change the time grain is with a creation argument.

Maybe "grain" isn't such a good name, "rate" could be better. I didn't change the help file yet.


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Comment By: Miller Puckette (millerpuckette)
Date: 2010-08-03 03:25

I ended up making an inlet so it's more nearly compatible with Max.  the
line object is badly designed anyway (why does the second inlet reset


Comment By: Frank Barknecht (fbar)
Date: 2008-11-16 21:26

I thought of a third inlet as well, but this would be a bit in conflict
with the arguments that line accepts: line takes the initial value as first
and the time grain as second argument and there is no argument for initial
duration. OTOH the first inlet is for the new target value and the second
inlet for the line duration. So the second argument (grain) clashes with
the second inlet (duration) already, adding another inlet would be even
more confusing IMO because of the "hole in the middle" of the argument
list. Also line would look more like vline~, while it should rather
continue to look like line~ IMO. 

In the end I couldn't figure out a nice solution that doesn't break old
patches, so I thought a new method would be the easiest approach.

OTOH a third inlet could use list-distribution to change the update rate
with a single message like "10 1000 5" for: "go to 10 in 1000 ms and update
every 5ms"

I'll let Miller decide about this, I just needed a quick way to change the
grain dynamically.


Comment By: Hans-Christoph Steiner (eighthave)
Date: 2008-11-16 20:33

what about making a third inlet to set the grain size?  Then it would line
up nicely with the 2nd argument.


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