[PD-dev] compile pd-extended without gcc optimisation option for debug

Etienne THUILLIER etienne.thuillier at polymtl.ca
Wed Nov 3 21:02:44 CET 2010

hello all..

i built a complicated external and needed to debug it. i wanted to use  
gdb debugger (i m under linux) and since I found no info about how to  
find the external s "mounting" adress which gdb requires, i m  
currently compiling pure data extended as a whole plus my source code  
added.. so I ve added myexternal_setup() function in m_conf.c and I  
referenced my source files in the makefile.in file of the src  

gdb seems to work fine appart that it seems to jump portions of code  
without reason.. so i m wondering if thats not caused by optimisation  
arguments given to the gcc compiler when building.. i ve noticed the - 
O2 options in a few make/config files which are generated automaticaly  
after the "make install" command... where can i specify that i want  
thoses files to be generated so as to include a "no compilation"  
option (for example the -O0 option if i'm correct)??

i ve searched a long time.. any idea, or hint to where to look would  
be of great help.. thanks in advance..


etienne.thuillier at polymtl.ca

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