[PD-dev] tcl registry pd-0.43

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at at.or.at
Mon Apr 11 17:30:00 CEST 2011

On Apr 11, 2011, at 5:38 AM, yvan volochine wrote:

> On 04/11/2011 06:01 AM, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
>> While avoiding bloat is a worthy goal, it seems to me that a good  
>> place
>> to draw that line is at the standard Tcl/Tk. I don't think adding  
>> those
>> libs will add a lot, but it does mean that people can rely on the
>> standard Tcl/Tk docs to know what they can do with Tcl/Tk in Pd.
> OTOH, as this is "just for" a Gui-Plugin, maybe I can use the same  
> behavior on windowz as on linux (i.e. write RecentFiles to a file in  
> $HOME/AppData instead of the registry) so this issue would not have  
> to be fixed right now.
> while this might be less conventional, it could always change when/ 
> if you want to include this feature in standard pd ?

I agree if it is just for a GUI plugin it should just be included in  
the plugin.  I think that pd-gui should be able to store its  
preferences in the registry, so the 'reg1.2' library would be for Pd  
core.  Then to enable the DDE communications to allow a double-clicked  
file to open in the currently running Pd, we need the 'dde' library.   
The 'reg' and 'dde' libs might then depend on some of the other libs  
included in Tcl/Tk so its probably easiest to just include the whole  
suite of what's included in Tcl/Tk.

>> On Apr 10, 2011, at 3:58 PM, Miller Puckette wrote:
>>> Hmmm. yep, maybe the right policy would be simply to throw all of  
>>> tk/tcl
>>> in Pd...
> I spent the last days asking myself if that would make sense to  
> rewrite the whole pd-gui in Qt instead of tcl/tk.

Part of this pd-gui rewrite was laying the foundation to make such a  
project easier.  The next step is converting the pd -> pd-gui  
communications from Tcl commands to Pd messages.  Then it should be  
not hard to make your own pd-gui in Qt, wxWindows, Cocoa, GTK,  
whatever.  That is not a small project tho.



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