[PD-dev] Pointers changing/corrupting (used to be "signal nan values")

Andrew Hassall a.r.hassall at gmail.com
Wed Apr 27 22:44:43 CEST 2011

> as long as you only have one-dimensional arrays, the 2 are exactly the
> same: a linear memory allocation.
> "array" is only how you chose to think of it.
> btw, "normal" is something very subjective, but i would access array
> elements as:
> "mbytes[index]" rather than "*(mbytes+index)"
> don't get me wrong, but a good book on C would probably help :-)

Thanks, yeah sorry I know that most of my questions are a bit self
explanatory, and simple, my first time programming in c, thought id be
ok with knowledge from other languages and examples, but I guess not!
:) i think a books a good idea.

the main reason I said normal is most examples of pointers id seen
were in that format and so assumed it was standard.
I thought so, the reason I asked is that I can't set or read any of
the values from the reserved bytes. From either method, in either
am I missing a step? this is just testing but still not working

x->as= getbytes(x->maxp*sizeof(float));
*(x->as+i)= 10.4;
x->as[i] = 10.4;

set the value at index i

this is the same for all the other pointers, I've tried casting the value too.


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