[PD-dev] commit access + intro

Ricardo Fabbri rfabbri at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 00:26:42 CEST 2011

Hello, all,

I would like to introduce myself and humbly request to be a Pd committer.
Following http://puredata.info/docs/developer/SVNCommitAccess
this is the required info:

My name is Ricardo Fabbri and I have been working with free software
since 1999, specializing in computer vision and image processing.
During my PhD I worked on 3D reconstruction algorithms and video camera
self-calibration, and have also worked for Google in applications of
related technology for the scanning and indexing of books and other print
material. I have recently returned to Brazil where I helped found the
free software group Lab Macambira (labmacambira.sf.net), together with
my brother Renato Fabbri, Vilson Vieira, and others. We are currently
a team of 15.

My brother had a significant influence in Pd Con that was held in
Brazil, as well as in the rise of the Brazilian Pd and Linux community. My
brother is a composer and is doing graduate work in computational
physics. I was actually the one who introduced him to Pd and Linux
back in the days when he was working with Max. We were also joined by
Gilson Beck, another composer who got hooked on Pd. Currently, my
direct interests with Pd development are to support the demands from
these composers, but, mainly, to support Pd as a core component of our
real-time video processing stack. We use Pd for guiding C++ modules
linked to OpenCV and VXL.
We also use Scilab as a quick prototyping language for new algorithms.
As you can see, Pd is the guiding master of our systems, so it is
crucial for us to have a development grip on it. Commit access is
important as we would like to develop this key component with you. You
can count on our painstaking care not to break anything and our
willing service to improve Pd. Perhaps with a commit access it will
make it easier to do small improvements and documentation, for a
start, or bigger things such as adding completely new functionality.

Our concrete plans for developing Pd are related to pix_opencv: adding
new functionality,
providing bugfixes, and modifying pix_opencv_bgstats to allow for
different background modeling algorithms,
and also profiling it to make it faster and more responsive. We plan
to help maintain puredata_opencv in general,
as well as helping you guys out with whatever you need. We were also
thinking about helping to migrate
the community pd-svn repository to Git, or even Gem to Git, so that at
least all our repos are under the same version control.
Any suggestions on how to help are more than welcome. We are very glad
to be interacting with you.

SF user: ricardofabbri.
Optionally, Vilson's SF user: vilsonvieira and My brother's: greenkobold

Best regards,
Linux registered user #175401

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