[PD-dev] small l2ork install suggestions

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at at.or.at
Mon Jan 16 01:15:23 CET 2012

Hey Ico,

I'm just trying out the latest pd-l2ork.  I noticed that the executable
is now 'pd-l2ork' and it installs into /usr/local/lib/pd-l2ork.  That's
great, that makes installing in parallel much easier.  But there are
still a few things that conflict with other packages, including things
that have also been removed from the big Pd-extended all-in-one package:

 'cyclist' is now its own package included in Debian and Ubuntu/oneiric
 and up, or available from my Launchpad PPA for older distros:

 'puredata' or 'puredata-utils' have provided these for a long time

 These are the Gem headers, they should be in the 'gem' package, but I
 don't think they are.  They are still included in the 'pd-extended'
 package.  I think you'd only need to include them in pd-l2ork if there
 are changes to Gem in pd-l2ork.


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