[PD-dev] introduction and SVN write access

Antoine Villeret antoine.villeret at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 15:34:34 CEST 2012

hi all,

i would like to introduce myself and kindly request for an SVN write access
to pd repository.

My name is Antoine Villeret and i'm working with pd since i met Cyrille
Henry last year.
I'm mainly working on computer vision.
At the very beginning i'm a musician and sound technician then
I started computer vision in 2008 by turning a bodhrán into a touchscreen
during my master thesis.
After that, I worked with Cyrille on a dynamic video mapping system to
project video on moving objects on stage.
It is used in the show *Les Fuyantes *by the French circus company Les
Choses de Rien.
You can have a small overview of the the work here :
For that work i have to add some features to pix_opencv that are already on
the repository like pix_opencv_calibration, pix_opencv_warpperspective...
(commited by Cyrille).
But i've made some others externals and also corrected lots of bugs.
I also made some examples on how to use my externals.
Moreover I've planned to develop an OpenCL based object mainly to do binary
texture readback.
And I will be happy to share my work with the community :-).

Actually i've already made a copy of the SVN repository on my github
account but it's quite experimental and only used in my personal projects.
I saw that pd, pd-extended and Gem have already migrated to git but about
externals repository ? and mainly pix_opencv ? is it planned to switch to
git too ?

My SF username is : avilleret

Kind regards

do it yourself
Google lit ce mail...
si vous refusez cela, utilisez l'adresse antoine.villeret [at] free.fr pour
me contacter
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