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Summary: speed up the trigger-operations

Initial Comment:
I am just curious, is it possible to change the trigger-object to a pure-"graphic-enhancement"-object that could be called "sorted cables" or something.
It's just because the trigger-object is so slow in relation to what it does most of the time: sorting cables.
It even is faster to connect an outlet to a cold inlet and after that to a [bang] banging the hot inlet instead of using [t b f]. I know it's not much, but it becomes relevant when filling an array with eg. 100000 entries (...what was pd max integer??) . Even more if we assume that the arrays content has to be computed before, using trigger again. So there is a potential to save X times 100000 operations per array-calculation.
That's a little too much just for some grathical issue, especially if everything is hidden inside an abstraction in the end (or beneath a GUI) .
In general wasting cpu-time inhibits the creation of big patches or making them run on lots of hardware, doesn't it?


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