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Summary: disable save-shortcuts (ctrl+s etc)

Initial Comment:
normally the keyboard-layout is very handy and intelligent.
Mouse in right hand, keyboard in the left one and you can code in lightspeed.

But there are these save-shortcuts right in between! In short, because "s" is surrounded by many other frequently used commands (e.g. ctrl+e...) there is the chance you do something you don't want to do, and you even can't revert your actions since saving is non-conservative (you just overwrite that file...)
You might not even take notice what you did, - well maybe until you reopen your patch and wonder why nothing works...
I guess there are three choices:
-disable save-shortcuts  (This would be savest; eg. a menu where the user can activate/deactivate//reroute all shortcuts)
-place them somewhere else on the keyboard
-at least change "ctrl+s" with "ctrl+S"  (So change the shortcut for "save" with "save as..." That way it would be rather unlikely to save s.th. by accident, 'cause "ctrl+S"="ctrl+shift+s" is not so easily hit by accident and if you hit "save as..." you still get a window popping up.

PS. The same goes for undo/redo-shortcuts, cause undo/redo isn't conservative as well... (so with the 1st idea, I'd just rip out all non-conservative shortcuts)

Personally I don't feel good with that non-conservative layout.. Imagine you type some text somewhere inside you pd-program, slip off somewhere and suddenly it happens... Or you leave your patch and computer, and a friend/child/unknown/who-ever comes over messing around with your keyboard and then it happens.. Or maybe more likely, you worked all day/deep into the night with pd so you are tired and a little confused and suddenly it happens... Or you're having a free-style--on-the-fly performance, that already sounds chaotically chaotic, and suddenly it happens..
...well I guess there are better examples, but you might get the idea...
I don't want to know how many times I saved something by accident -- and I can't because I did it by accident... torturing thoughts.
Thx & bye


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