[PD-dev] Mac Os now requiring Apple signatures on all SW !?

Miller Puckette msp at ucsd.edu
Fri May 10 18:41:28 CEST 2013

To Pd devs - 

I heard from a student that the neweset Mac Os (10.8?  not sure - perhaps we
can just call it 'Cheshire Cat') won't run binaries of any sort that haven't
been signed by Apple - and that to get Apple to sign your app you have to
register as a developer ($100/year) and still risk getting denounced as
non-Apple-approved.  If this is really the case it puts all of us in a bind -
for example to publish a piece of music that relies on a custom extern you'd
have to pay out the $100 in perpetuity to keep the extern signed.

Maybe this is overblown but if it's true it puts Pd devs in a bind - I think
we're obliged to try to suppport Pd on Apple (so as not to undercut current
Pd users who are on Mac) but to play along with Apple would be to participate
in what is ultimately a scheme to wrest control away from computer users

I'd welcom others' views on this, especially if someome can tell me this is
a false alarm :)


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