[PD-dev] jack dbus?

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>Personally, I'd appreciate if Pd would support pulseaudio. If Pd covers
>many backends, it is easy for package maintainers to package Pd with
>default suitable for the specific distro. In my opinion, it would be
>sane to let Pd default to pulseaudio in Ubuntu.

Curious here how low the latency could get before dropouts.

>Actually, using JACK is already quite easy today, even in the pulseaudio
using distros. When I start JACK from qjackctl, pulseaudio is
immediately stopped and frees the device. So I don't see much room for
improvement there.

You have to manually start another program before opening the program
you want to use.

> Routing pulseaudio to JACK is already quite easy, but I wouldn't want it
to happen automatically. Imagine during a performance I'd accidentally
click on a link and Firefox would start to play some Youtube movie on my
x channel setup.

With qjackctl you could just uncheck the "Use dbus" checkbutton and/or
load a patchbay setting specifically for the performance.  I don't think
there's anything wrong with taking steps to prepare a system for a
performance-- I'd just like to have as few steps as possible for getting
(quality) sound in all kinds of multitasking situations.


>Another a smallish issue I experienced with pulse->Jack
is that the volume keys of my laptop only control the master volume of
pulse and thus do not control the actual device anymore.


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