[PD-dev] jack dbus?

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed May 29 09:17:07 CEST 2013

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On 2013-05-29 06:12, Jonathan Wilkes wrote:
>> what works for me so far is: - - run jack as the native backend
>> on my desktop (jackd gets autostarted at login, and is running
>> throughout my session)
> How do you configure jack to start at login?

i configre my desktop (xfce) to start "qjackctl" at startup, and
configure qjackctl to start jackd at startup.

>> setting up was pretty easy by installing the
>> "pulseaudio-module-jack" (on debian),and uninstalling all the
>> other pa backends.
> Why is it necessary to uninstall those other backends?

probably not necessary but mainly a precaution to not accidentally run
a backend i don't want to use.

>> personally i would prefer to *not* pull in additional
>> dependencies if possible. afair, d-bus is notorious for pulling
>> in an entire desktop environment.
> it does not depend on an entire desktop environment.

i dimly remember some discussion (on LAD, iirc) why having jack with
d-bus enabled by default was a bad idea.
maybe things have improved since then.

>> one of the problems of Pd i see is, that all the audio backends
>> are linked into the main binary. so if you have a binary with
>> jack/dbus support, you *must* install jack/dbus or you will not
>> be able to use Pd at all (even if you don't care for audio at
>> all).
> I must be reading different documentation than you because AFAICT 
> jack d-bus is a user-facing option for how to get JACK to interact
> with the system.  Recommending it as the preferred way to connect
> doesn't require any backend coding.

maybe it's not clear from what i've written so far: i personally do
not use jack/d-bus (or i am not aware of it).
i was under the impression that it would require some linking against
a different libjack, but it seems like that is all wrong.

obviously i have absolutely no problems against *recommending* a given
setup that works with the given Pd-binaries.

sorry if i gave the wron impression

> That's a fine goal, as it would solve the problem about requiring
> JACK/ALSA dependencies even if the user doesn't want audio.  But
> given a limited amount of time and money,

well i have done a prototype of said plugable audio (and midi) backend
support for Pd-0.43, and it's available on github.

code was only tested on linux and some users reported problems with
the portaudio backend (which i had problems to reproduce, since i
never use the portaudio backend (as it comes with Pd-vanilla) since i
cannot remember that it ever worked for me...but then i didn't try
that often after initial disappointments, being quite happy with what
alsa and jack had to offer directly)

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