[PD-dev] jack dbus?

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>i have two things:
>- - code (API+ implementation) that adds support for pluggable
>audio/midi backends
>- - converted all the existing backends to use the new API (though they
>are still linked statically into the Pd-binary)

What did you have to convert?

Also-- you mentioned people had tested Portaudio as pluggable backend.
Have you tested using a known configuration (like with the ALSA backend)
with your changes?

>the code was only updated to Pd-0.43, and i haven't updated it to Pd-0.44.

>> Does the backend have to be written differently than the
>> s_audio_*.c stuff to be pluggable?

>not really
>the idea was to have an API that builds on top of the current
>implementation of s_audio_... (which is pretty consistent throughout
>the various backends)

>so it's mainly adding a few wrapper functions that register a given
>backend to the core.

>you can have a look at it at [1]

Thanks, I'll check it out.

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