[PD-dev] Midi overflow, when receiving Song Position Pointer (os x)

Jan Baumgart raga.raga at gmx.de
Mon Jun 3 17:07:04 CEST 2013

Seems like [midirealtimein] is working under os x (although there's an 
obsolete error "message midirealtimein: works under MSW only").

But when receiving a realtime messages (248, 250 or 252) [midiin] and 
[notein] output 0.
Maybe this is related to the fifo overflow.

Correction: the status byte for the song position pointer is 242 (dec - 
not hex)

On 3.6.13 15:18 , Jan Baumgart wrote:
> Hi there,
> I'm experiencing a severe bug, when sending a Song Position Pointer
> message (0x242 0 0) to pd.
> After sending just one SPP message to pd, the status window says:
> "warning: MIDI timing FIFO overflowed".
> When looking at the output of [midiin] I see "242 0 0 0" repeated
> endlessly.
> The Song Position Pointer message belongs to the System Common Messages
> and has two data bytes. Pd seems to get confused with this message.
> Where is the third data byte coming from?
> I'm running precompiled vanilla pd-0.44-3 from puckette's site on 32-bit
> intel mac (os x 10.6.8).
> I have a related second question: Is there any way to receive midi
> realtime messages with pd on os x? I'm trying to receive Midi Beat Clock...
> cheers,
> Jan

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