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Wed Jun 25 11:58:05 CEST 2014


my fellows from the debian qa team, notified me of another
inconstistency between function definition, declaration and usage.
the full bug-report can be found at [1].

the problem is with the properties-function (line numbers refer to
today's master branch; but are similar in 0.45)
declaration in g_canvas.c:1461
 extern void canvas_properties(t_gobj *z);
definition in g_editor.c:1045
 void canvas_properties(t_glist *x);
whereas it really should be (m_pd.h:504)
 void canvas_properties(t_gobj *x, t_glist *glist);

the complaint was, that (t_gobj) as used in the declaration is much
wider than the (t_glist) as used in the function definition.
(a t_glist is always a t_gobj, but not necessarily otherwise).

the omitting of the 2nd argument is probably less important (but for
good style, we might add an unused argument...)

i think it should be clarified, what these arguments are really meant to be.
i guess the properties-callback really gets a pointer to the object
itself, and a pointer to the canvas where the object lives in.

the easy part is probably the second argument, which i guess should be a
"t_canvas*" rather than a "t_glist*", although both are the same
(#defined ... struct _glist).

i'm not entire sure about the 1st argument, though.
what i would like to have is:
- have all per-object callbacks use the same type
- document that this pointer can indeed by cast to the object-instance

afaict, the types used for callbacks are currently:
 - (t_pd*) used for all message-callbacks to objects (and also returned
by pd_new() which is used to construct an object-instance.
- (t_gobj*) used for all graphics-callbacks

a noteable exceptions is (t_savefn) which uses (t_gobj*) but probably
should use (t_pd*) instead, as the savefn isn't bound to graphical
objects (though it's probably needed more for non-text-editable objects)

i haven't found any documentation (in the header-files) that states that
the first callback argument is indeed what we expect it to be (a pointer
to the called back object).

anyhow, what is the proper fix for the inconsistent canvas_properties()?
i assume that it really ought to be
 void canvas_properties(t_gobj*z, t_glist*canvas) {
     // ...

i've submitted a patch at sourceforge [525].


[1] https://bugs.debian.org/751061
[525] https://sourceforge.net/p/pure-data/patches/525/

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