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Ivica Bukvic ico at vt.edu
Sun Sep 14 19:56:17 CEST 2014

We will merge 0.45+ objects in the upcoming releases. If you can list what
exactly they are that will greatly help in the process. The latency in
their adoption is primarily to allow for them to be fully vetted for
possible bugs and regressions.

Regarding storing text in a datastructure, I am not sure what that exactly
means but I do use extensively something that may be similar, namely coll
object from the cyclone library, which allows for a comprehensive storing,
sorting, and recalling of data.

As for running pd-l2ork on other platfroms, until we complete the qt port,
there is as of yet unadvertised USB stick version you can download from
L2Ork's site (see http://l2ork.music.vt.edu/data/pd/ and look for a jumbo
6GB image--pd-l2ork would need to be updated to the latest version) that I
tested with a reasonably large number of windows and OSX laptops with 90%+
success rate, with only select Dell and OSX machines refusing to boot it
due to faulty EFI (whether intentional or unintentional), and some of the
wifi cards not being supported out-of-box.


On Sun, Sep 14, 2014 at 7:23 AM, Colet Patrice <colet.patrice at free.fr>

> Le 13/09/2014 23:37, Ivica Ico Bukvic a écrit :
>> On 9/13/2014 5:10 PM, Colet Patrice wrote:
>>> I don't know the implications of introducing some wizard that rewrite
>>> code into patches for backward compatibility,
>>> but the idea looks seducing for me because it might break inertia that
>>> makes the GUI still looking like patching in the nineties.
>>> Sorry for the cynicism but it's truely a joke we sometimes share when
>>> it's about pd interface.
>>>  If you would like to contribute to "upgrading" the UI to something more
>> contemporary, we could always use more help on pd-l2ork side of things
>> where the canvas currently uses SVG for drawing all contents (see
>> http://l2ork.music.vt.edu/main/?page_id=2554 for more info). More so, we
>> are currently starting to port entire gui to qt library which should make
>> things considerably more flexible/efficient...
>  I'm allready using pd-l2ork on my linux boxes when I don't use stuff we
> can only find in pd-0.45 and greater,
> particulary the ability of storing text in datastructure, and when I don't
> have to rewrite an install script.
>  I'm even advising any new comer using GNU/Linux to use l2ork before he is
> disgusted by the old interface,
> but they are a few, almost all people I know (and sometimes work with)
> that would use pd have OSX or Windows and have no clue about how to install
> l2ork.
> This imply a very tiny collaborative field, which doesn't sound really
> reassuring, even if on screenshots this looks great.
> Anyway, the use of qt looks promising and might give to me the opportunity
> of upgrading my pianoroll interface.
> Regards,
> patco
>  Best,
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