[PD-dev] Can somebody help to create a desktop / VST / AU version of a PD / libPD / app ?

Chris McCormick chris at mccormick.cx
Wed Apr 22 13:56:31 CEST 2015

Hi IOhannes,

On 21/04/15 15:15, Oliver Greschke wrote:
> It’s made with PureData, libPD and Objective-C.
> I got asked a couple of times now, if there will be ever a standalone desktop version or even better Plugin (VST, AU) version of the app.

I was going to reply to this email and mention the PdVST project (if
Oliver's patch is compatible with older versions of Pd) but then I
noticed the link on pure-data.info is broken. The zipfile is still
available in the wayback machine but I don't have permissions on the
wiki to upload it:


Is it possible to upload this zipfile to pure-data.info and add it to
this page?


OT: If anybody ever wanted to update or reboot the PdVST project to use
libpd this might help for cross compiling the VST for Windows from Linux:





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