[PD-dev] deken (builtin) loaded after plugins

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Nov 4 13:25:32 CET 2015

i wonder whether there is a reason why the built-in "deken" is loaded
*after* all the gui-plugins have been loaded.

this means that if one has the deken-plugin installed, the built-in will
override the manually installed, which i think is unexpected.

esp. since the manually installed plugin gives some printout
("deken-plugin loaded from ~/pd-externals/") whereas the built-in does
not, thus effectively afferming the user that they are using the
manually installed one.

otoh, if the built-in plugin would load beforehand, it would be possible
to *extend* the deken functionality (e.g. if the version at github has
some new features)

it would probably be good to export some deken-version (that is
independent of the pd-version) within the code (so any manual addition
could check for compatibility, or whether itself was actually outdated)


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