[PD-dev] sound filer samplerate outlet?

Dan Wilcox danomatika at gmail.com
Thu Nov 5 21:08:37 CET 2015

Totally agree. There’s a list of basic info in the WAV/AIFF headers that is already parsed when reading that could simply be dumped out via a list/message.

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>> to simply output the samplerate out of a right outlet to compliment the sample length from the left outlet? 
> in which case i would suggest having the 2nd outlet output a *message*
> that also contains the property-name.
> e.g.
> [samplerate 44100, frames 1000(
> and probably extend that to all the info that is readily available anyhow:
> [filename /full/path/to/foo.wav, channels 2, ...(
> fgnasdr
> IOhannes

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