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On 07/11/2016 06:56 AM, Giulio Moro via Pd-dev wrote:
> On Bela I have DEFDACBLKSIZE==8 and DEFSENDVS==8 and I yet have to find troubles with this setup.

the joys of having not needing to support multiple operating systems?

also, the overhead with a blocksize of 8 is considerably higher than a
blocksize of 64, so when using *heavy* Pd-patches you might hit
performance problems sooner than later.

anyhow, i'm all for having a variable dac blocksize
$ pd -dacblocksize 8

ain't this is a deja vu [1]?


[1] https://lists.puredata.info/pipermail/pd-dev/2004-11/003152.html

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