[PD-dev] Rewrite wrap~ to allow an extra block

Ed Kelly morph_2016 at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Sep 29 12:00:48 CEST 2016

Hey list,I'm tearing my hair out trying to re-write the wrap~ object, so that it doesn't wrap instantly but waits until the end of the audio block to wrap~ the signal. I hope you understand.
This is so that control-rate messages sent to another object further down the signal-path have a chance to catch up, and eliminate clicks due to the end-of-block delay for control messages.
The idea is that wrap_overshoot~ will not wrap until the end of the block. This is a really tech-y problem, but I've tried variables and clocks. Everything seems to segfault on me.
?????Lots of love,Ed
PS if this works you'll all be able to use it during and after pdcon16~
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