[PD-dev] [Possible Editor BUG] Save-as should change current context to new file

William Huston williamahuston at gmail.com
Fri Oct 28 06:50:44 CEST 2016

*Version: Pd-0.47.1 Windows 7*
*Desc: *
*Save-as should change current context to new file*
A habit I have developed is to Ctrl-S frequently,
to save current patch under development
(in case of a crash).

This is my habit not just for Pd,
but for almost any editing tool.

Sometimes, I am working on a patch or abstraction,
where I want to do a CHECKPOINT/FORK.

I mean Checkpoint as,
"I am using this abstraction elsewhere.
So I do not want to change the behavior there.
So I will SAVE-AS to create a new context."

However Pd editor GUI behaves differently here
than almost any other tool.

Pd will Save-As to the new filename,
but keep the present context the EXISTING file.

So now I am patching, patching, changing things....
HABIT: Control-S.


I have just *clobbered my Checkpoint,*
my last good, working copy of the patch!

This is very annoying, and I think I have mistakenly
clobbered abstractions I wanted to save as stable/working,
and inadvertently altered behavior of patches I wanted to leave alone.

So let's say I had OrigFile.pd and want to fork that to OrigFileNEW.pd

So I Save-As to OrigFileNEW.pd
*But the exiting context stays as OrigFile.pd*

When I am done hacking, and close down for the night,
I end up with *OrigFile.pd, which is actually the altered abstraction*.

EVERY INSTANCE of this in other patches has the new behavior.
and *OrigFileNEW.pd *is actually the Checkpoint of OrigFile.pd!

Doesn't that seem weird?

I guess this is OK, as long as people understand what
is going on and anticipate it.

I would love to see this fixed, or else
the existing behavior explained/justified
with a BIG WARNING in the docs
so that people can be prepared.

*With Current behavior, my Checkpoint procedure should be:*

1) Save-AS (new filename).
2) CLOSE existing context. (which destroys settings)
3) OPEN new context
4) continue patching.

or else
1) Save-AS (Patch.CHECKPOINT.pd).
2) continue patching
3) DONE, close everything down.
4) Rename *OrigFile.pd * to *OrigFileDEV.pd *, and *OrigFileNEW.pd *
to *OrigFile.pd


May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)
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