[PD-dev] Iem_gui objects in vanilla and zoom

Fred Jan Kraan fjkraan at xs4all.nl
Sun Nov 27 11:07:43 CET 2016


Attached are the set of changed files and also as diffs to the 
https://github.com/pure-data/pure-data repository. It might not be 
pixel-perfect yet, but should be close. Also not tested outside my main 
platform Xubuntu 16.04. The vumeter object could use some more 
refactoring, as there is a lot of pixel-tweaking going on. But that can 
wait until the exercise is found useful.


Fred Jan

On 25-11-16 17:44, Fred Jan Kraan wrote:
> Hi,
> It is a good thing I haven't shared any of the code that should fix bang
> and toggle, as studying and modifying more objects revealed more
> situations not accounted for.
> The current analysis is based on studying and modifying bang, toggle and
> numbox.
> In the current implementation, the x and y coordinates are controlled by
> the system, the object width(*) and height by the iem_gui framework
> (controlled by the zoom message). The properties box sets the number of
> digits (and box width), box height and label font type, size and position.
> Other GUI dimensions are only present inside GUI functions and
> influenced by the zoom factor (via the IEMGUI_ZOOM(x) macro).
> The fact that the zoom status is reflected in the object state variables
> (x_h, x_w and x_numwidth) and that those is exposed in the properties
> box makes it difficult to control the behaviour. One illustration is the
> test scenario "open properties, zoom out, apply" used on bang or toggle.
> The effects of these scenario's can be corrected with more code. But as
> the code is already over-complicated, a probably better solution would
> be to isolate the zoom factor in the GUI routines. These are the
> *_draw_* and the *_getrect functions. The iemgui->x_glist->gl_zoom would
> be the only location where the current zoom factor is present.
> In this model, the x_h, x_w and x_numwidth variables would not change
> while zooming. All zoom factoring is done in the GUI functions, when the
> sys_gui messages are send to the pd-core.
> * for numbox the width is mainly controlled by the number of digits and
> the fontsize with minor corrections based om font type, object height
> and width settings.
> basic test scenario's for zoom behaviour:
> - create object normal mode and zoom in,
> - create object zoomed mode and zoom out,
> - apply properties normal mode (iem_gui only),
> - apply properties zoomed mode (iem_gui only),
> - save in normal mode and load,
> - save in zoomed mode and load,
> - open properties, zoom in, apply properties (iem_gui only),
> - open properties, zoom out, apply properties (iem_gui only).
> Greetings,
> Fred Jan
> On 24-11-16 20:32, Fred Jan Kraan wrote:
>> Hi,
>> While trying to understand the zoom function to apply it to other GUI
>> objects, I studied the bng and tgl objects, and in the process came up
>> with a solution that fixed both.
>> For the iem_gui objects only the basic generic GUI parameters are
>> available in a struct; x & y position coordinates, height and width. All
>> other GUI dimensions are not accessible outside the drawing functions.
>> The only option to get a correct zoom is to apply the zoom-factor to all
>> appropriate dimension values in all GUI functions.
>> At least for bng I have this working. With some more refactoring this
>> could be applied without adding too much to the declared mess in the
>> objects code.
>> Greetings,
>> Fred Jan
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