[PD-dev] [pure-data:bugs] #1278 JACKerror SuspendRefNum starting dsp on loadbang with -nogui

Claude Heiland-Allen claudiusmaximus at users.sf.net
Thu Dec 15 08:15:26 CET 2016


** [bugs:#1278] JACKerror SuspendRefNum starting dsp on loadbang with -nogui**

**Status:** open
**Group:** v0.47
**Labels:** jack nogui loadbang 
**Created:** Thu Dec 15, 2016 07:15 AM UTC by Claude Heiland-Allen
**Last Updated:** Thu Dec 15, 2016 07:15 AM UTC
**Owner:** nobody

Also affects self-compiled `pd-0.47.0` from Miller's site so it isn't a Debian-specific issue.

    $ pd -version
    Pd-0.47.1 ("") compiled for Debian (0.47.1-3) on 2016/11/28 at 20:56:10 UTC

Steps to reproduce:

    $ qjackctl
    start jackd at 48000 sample rate, or modify the line below
    $ pd -noprefs -jack -channels 2 -r 48000 -nogui -send "pd dsp 1"
    error: JACKerror: SuspendRefNum error
    error: JACKerror: JackClient::Execute error name = pure_data_0
    error: JACK: server shut down
    ^CPd: signal 2

Pd starts up and connects to JACK successfully without `-nogui`, or without `-send "pd dsp 1"`.

Problem also occurs with `[loadbang]--[; pd dsp 1(`, which was where I noticed it.

Workaround 1 (requires modifying patches): `[loadbang]--[delay 1]--[; pd dsp 1(`

Workaround 2 (requires modifying startup scripts): create a loader patch that opens the real patch after a `[loadbang]--[delay 1]`, then the real patch's `[loadbang]--[; pd dsp 1(` is late enough not to break.  And load the loader patch instead of the real patch from the command line.


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