[PD-dev] FYI moved my repository

Nicolas Danet nicolas.danet at free.fr
Thu Feb 2 15:37:10 CET 2017

It is a fork i did in order to make Pd fully embeddable (multiple instances), improve the GUI (specially in my case add a score notation module) and try to give it more consistency. 

But IMHO the first thing absolutely required before to start those tasks was to clean the sources. I will probably finish that soon.

Next i'll extend the build script to more (modern) systems to share the result with people. The goal is to open it to as many contributors as i can (even newbies in development) to extend it and experiment on it. Personally i don't real need the DSP part (i want to explore more deeply machine learning with musical concepts), but at the same time i'm really excited by the "multi-processor parallel DSP" challenge.

I breaked some compatibilities and switched options to "build-time" instead of "run-time" as much as possible. I removed features (i.e undo/redo) that needs to be rewrote (and surely added bunch of new bugs). I changed the API interface, and i'll do it again more in the future. I don't want to keep it fully backward compatible, in order to throw all the bad design choices accumulated with time.

That repository is really WORK IN PROGRESS for now. That means it should compile on systems i use (OS X Snow Leopard / Debian Jessie) and is done to not pollute the computer targeted (with the build script provided). But it is 100 % at your own risk. I decided to share it before to get a usable version since it can be usefull to understand original Pd sources (i added comments for tricks i really had hard time to understand) and to start to seduce volunteers ;-)

Why a fork? PureData vanilla is a nice software, but i'm sure that all the things i changed brutally would have no chance to be merged.  

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On 01-02-17 14:34, Nicolas Danet wrote:

> If somebody cares, i moved my repository there < https://framagit.org/nicolasdanet/PureData >.

Looks cool. Can you say some more on this fork?


Fred Jan
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