[PD-dev] line object (non-tilde version)

cristiano piatti cristiano.piatti at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 00:52:47 CET 2017

Good morning Miller and many thanks for your real time answer,
I' m writing a software in c that generates audio signal.
I' m using a 16 bit data acquisition device to remote control
parameters (with a number range from 0 to 65535).
When i multiply a signal, for example a sine, from 0 to 1 through a
number excursion (with a resolution of 1/65535) controlled by a fader
connected to my device i hear clicks.
More fast i move the fader more clicks, if i move the fader very very
very slow all clicks disappear.
I simulated the same situation in a pd patch and i discovered that all
clicks disappear if i place a line object between number excursion and
signal multiplier.
What exactly happens inside line object ?
Is there an algorithm that make the same of line ?
Thanks a lot.


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