[PD-dev] Pd 0.48 app bundle without src dir

katja katjavetter at gmail.com
Tue Aug 15 09:33:54 CEST 2017

Yesterday I learned that Pd 0.48 app bundle for OSX no longer has the
src dir embedded. It was brought to my attention by Alexandre Torres
Porres and explained by Dan Wilcox in the context of the issue that
pdlibbuilder now has when trying to find the API
Though it only takes a few keystrokes to modify pdlibbuilder's search
path for the includes, I'd like to be sure that omitting the src dir
from the bundle is what everyone wants.

What I recall and understand from Miller's explanation during PdCon16~
about his Pd distributions is, for each platform he makes a source
distribution with platform-specific goodies included. Then he builds,
and in resulting distributions both source and binaries are included
so that everyone can easily reproduce the build. The workflow was
explained during a 'round workbench' session and later summarized in a
presentation, see
(9:10 and 10:00).

Dan was unaware of this when reorganizing the build scripts for the
bundle, and while I'm writing this he opened an issue suggesting a


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