[PD-dev] roadmap for Pd-0.49?

Henri Augusto Bisognini msndohenri at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 2 04:52:37 CEST 2018

Hi! Since we got on the subject of 0.49 do you guys mind if i ask a couple questions about what's planned? Just out of curiosity and excitement : )

-I see there's a PR (#383) that adds a delete method for [pointer]. There's any forecast for that feature? I've been waiting that one heh

-Also will 0.49 come with the intelligent patching features IOhannes been working on? That will be a dream come true.


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Looking back I've only been able to get out a bit fewer than one major
release per year... I hope to speed this up now that there are much better
scripts and tools in place (thanks mostly to other people!)

My own situation is that I go into heavy teaching mode again Sept. 24 so
I'll either succeed and get out 0.49 before then or fail and only get it out
late December.  If I do get 0.49 working quickly I'll then aim for 0.50 in
February or March.

For 0.49 I want to fix the escaping of '\' characters (I had earlier tried
to make it possible simply never to make a `\` character visible to the
user but this has turned out to be impossible).  Also I want to fix pasting
to place objects under the mouse (or at the very least, somewhere visible,
not off the edge of the window)

For the medium term I'm thinking about revisiting array drawing to make it
more efficient and controllable, and expanding the capabilities of the 'atom'
box (lists; texts).

Also I have a vague plan to make an API feature to guide DSP graph sorting
order, e.g., to request that one item in a patch be sorted in advance of
another without them being connected by a patch cord.

Anyway, I think whatever happens to 0.49 I can deal with feature PRs anytime
this fall and get them into a release by late winter.


On Sun, Sep 02, 2018 at 12:32:47AM +0200, Christof Ressi wrote:
> Hi Miller,
> I just wanted to ask what's your approximate roadmap for Pd 0.49? Do I need to hurry up if I want to propose stuff or is there plenty of time left? :-)
> Christof

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