[PD-dev] roadmap for Pd-0.49?

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I'd say this is a "paper cut." It's a small issue easily worked around by the addition of an extra step, but that extra step is painful due to it's repetition. Also, I've seen it be a confusing step for many beginners once they learn to use $0 in objects, ie [f $0], [symbol $0], etc.

I'm on the side of $0 in message boxes. I don't see how this change would break anything since $0 currently resolves to 0 (I think), and I cannot imagine anyone relying on this. Is it a controversy?

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> This one is mired in controversy.  Meanwhile, you can get "$0" functionality
> in a message box by preceeding it with "list prepend $0" so that $1 in the
> message box is teh patch's $0 and the other $ arguments are renumbered by one.
> cheers
> Miller

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