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What I was implying, then, is that if [savestate] brings this kind of functionality, albeit tangentially, then why not include specific [initbang] and [closebang] objects as well? That would solve a longstanding feature request without kludging the [savestate] mechanism which may/or may not change.

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> On 9/3/18 3:35 PM, Dan Wilcox wrote:
>> Also, does the right outlet effectively act as a "save bang"? This might be tangentially useful for some data structure abstractions...
> what i find even more exiting, is that the left outlet effectively acts
> as an "init bang", finally allowing you to create abstractions with a
> dynamic number of iolets in Pd-vanilla (in a way that survives saving
> both the abstraction and its containing patch).
> gfmard
> IOhannes

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