[PD-dev] roadmap for Pd-0.49?

Miller Puckette msp at ucsd.edu
Mon Sep 10 21:19:09 CEST 2018

To Pd dev -

I've finally got a version of Tck/Tk 8.5 patched for macintosh to work around
the key-up bug (by back-porting the bugfix from 8.6 and then making a
further mod - the fix is on msp.ucsd.edu/tmp/misc/tk8.5.19-pd49-src.tar.gz
if anyone else wants to try it.

Meanwhile I'm hoping to get 0.49 test1 out today - to do this I'll grab
whatever small and uncontroversial PRs I can fold in without too much
conflick-resolving and go on and compile everything.

Some larger issues are still hanging, for instance, the dollar-zero idea -
I don't think I can get these resolved quickly.  Also, I have some
difficulties dealing with PRs in general that I'd like to open a discussion
about in another thread.

Meanwhile, going forward, if I've mis-applied PRs (which I bet I have), I'm
happy to try to resolve them during the test period, and I'm happy to try to
fix remaining reported bugs (when the fix doesn't seem to risk introducing new
problems) and merge bug-fixing PRs.

cheers - and thanks to everyone who has contributed!

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