[PD-dev] Intelligent Patching Feedback

Henri Augusto Bisognini msndohenri at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 12 20:11:07 CEST 2018


I'm going to writing some ideas on intelligent patching, just to bring some discussion

  1.  It IS a dream come true!
  2.  Prior to pd 0.49 if you have some objects selected and then select a connection, the objects are automatically deselected. Now if you have objects selected and you click a connection the connection is added to the selection. In PD (and usually in general) when you want to add to a selection you need to hold shift. Maybe it's a good idea to have to shift+click a connection to add it to the selection.
         Right now i keep accidentally deleting objects because i'm used to the shift+select stuff in programs so i forget now a simple click in a connection will keep what was already selected. But                 nothing to worry about because now i can just ctrl+z my way back! :)
  3.  An enchancement idea for the fan out. Currently the fan out (when you select multiple destination objects and connect a single object to one of them) the connections are made according to the creation order of the objects (that becomes evident when you triggerize). Maybe PD could do it in right-to-left order.
  4.  While he have a fan-in from multiple-to-one i imagine a one-to-one fan in also being handy :)
        (example: connect all the outlets of a [route A B C D E F G] to a [list]'s inlet. )
  5.  When using the "triggerize" the [t] objects appears with some offset to the left of the object being "triggerized".
         For what i've seen in the code the [t] object is created by reading obj->te_xpix; and obj->te_ypix;
         Maybe this is an issue with positions reported by the windows manager?
         I've measured and the [t] object is created 10 pixels to the left. The window border is just 7 pixels but Win7 does apply some shadows around the window
         that might account for that 3 pixels difference. But it's just an guess.

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