[PD-dev] Intelligent Patching Feedback

IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Sep 12 21:09:53 CEST 2018

On 9/12/18 8:11 PM, Henri Augusto Bisognini wrote:
>  4.  While he have a fan-in from multiple-to-one i imagine a one-to-one fan in also being handy :)
>         (example: connect all the outlets of a [route A B C D E F G] to a [list]'s inlet. )

i think the biggest issue is how to get the interface right (that is:
which combination of keystrokes would trigger that behaviour without
seeming utterly random)

>   5.  When using the "triggerize" the [t] objects appears with some offset to the left of the object being "triggerized".
>          For what i've seen in the code the [t] object is created by reading obj->te_xpix; and obj->te_ypix;
>          Maybe this is an issue with positions reported by the windows manager?
>          I've measured and the [t] object is created 10 pixels to the left. The window border is just 7 pixels but Win7 does apply some shadows around the window
>          that might account for that 3 pixels difference. But it's just an guess.

no. the offset is intentional.
it's to keep the trigger object easily visible and selectable in the
case of closely y-spaced objects (e.g. as being created by autoconnect)
being triggerized.


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