[PD-dev] removing pd/bin/msvr*.dll from Pd/win

katja katjavetter at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 19:14:28 CET 2019

On 1/23/19, Christof Ressi <christof.ressi at gmx.at> wrote:

> msvcrt.dll is very old and was declared a private system library which
> applications should not link against (didn't know that!), but MinGW does
> anyway.

This SO thread may clarify why MinGW does depend on msvcrt.dll:


Summarizing what I understand from it, libgcc / stdlibc++ cannot
provide certain runtime-dependent functions for the Windows operating
system, like exception handling, function overloading etc. Apparently
MinGW links to msvcrt.dll for these by default.

The msvcrt.dll as provided by Windows is not old in itself, but for
the purpose of compatibility best considered as such, tells this text


Reliance on recently added language features should probably be
treated like any non-standard dependency. In the context of vanilla Pd
and deken, externals must take care of their own non-standard
dependencies anyhow.


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