[PD-dev] removing pd/bin/msvr*.dll from Pd/win

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Thu Jan 24 09:42:16 CET 2019

On 24.01.19 08:25, Lucas Cordiviola wrote:
> Few externals are compiled with VS

where do you get that metric from?

Pd-extended compiled everything with mingw, so *there* was indeed no VS
involved. this spilled over to the packages available via deken.

but i figure that there is quite a number of externals out there, that
are not available via deken.
for instance, here at the iem, we do a bit of Pd development, and those
working with windows used to almost exclusively compile with VS.
(for years i'm trying to nudge them towards mingw, with varied success.
since i deployed a CI system, numbers are shifting)


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