[PD-dev] local canvas-only pd_bind

Dan Wilcox danomatika at gmail.com
Sat Mar 16 03:01:04 CET 2019

Howdy all,

I played around a bit with forwarding canvas mouse click events to a [mouse] object. This works fine using a bind to a global "#mouse" symbol, however this means all objects receive events from all canvases.

How can I change this to be local canvas only, as in only [mouse] objects within the canvas receive the events? I was thinking to generate a symbol with the canvas id ala how [openpanel] and [savepanel] work:

    sprintf(buf, "d%lx", (t_int)x);
    x->x_s = gensym(buf);
    x->x_canvas = canvas_getcurrent();
    pd_bind(&x->x_obj.ob_pd, x->x_s)

However, this means the canvas mouse function would need to generate the equivalent symbol each time the event is called in order to check if anything is bound to it. This seems wasteful. I suppose I could add a cached symbol somewhere, maybe to the g_canvas instance struct, however I'd like avoid that.

Dan Wilcox
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