[PD-dev] local canvas-only pd_bind

Chris McCormick chris at mccormick.cx
Mon Mar 18 05:49:15 CET 2019


On 18/3/19 12:31 am, Christof Ressi wrote:
> personally I would prefer 2), simply because it allows you to build custom widgets as Pd abstractions. a tracking area can be built quite easily with GOP.
>> Mouseup is a bit of a maverick: you want to be alerted regardless of
>> mouse position, i.e. any canvas or even outside Pd's territory.
>> Otherwise one could easily get the equivalent of a dangling midinote.
I wanted to provide an illustration of what is possible with just a 
mouse-up event in vanilla Pd.

Here is a small animated gif screen screen capture of two abstractions:


These use the pd-push-and-hold GUI plugin which sends global mouse-up 
events. Other than that they are built using one vanilla hslider and a 
canvas each. The plugin is available via externals search.

The first one is useful when you are building effects which have a 
quantized range that you want to operate with a finger on a touch 
screen. For example if you are playing live music and you want a 
punch-in effect to turn on when you're pressing, and the ability to 
quickly switch between four versions/settings of that effect (for 
example four different delay line timings, or four different synth notes 
to be played as you drag.

The second one is useful for selecting a start/end range. So you might 
hook it up to a sample looper and you can use a finger on a touch-screen 
to select small ranges to loop over in real time.

Anyway, I've scratched my own itch with this plugin for the Raspberry Pi 
touchscreen thing I am building.

If the mouse-up event was made into a global that would do away with the 
need for a plugin.

If there was a 2d surface which worked like hslider + vslider in a 
single UI that would enable even more interesting widgets to be crafted 
as abstractions.




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