[PD-dev] First complete keyboard navigation prototype

Henri Augusto Bisognini msndohenri at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 9 21:10:59 CEST 2019

Lucas Cordiviola wrote:

    > Right, i could finish the build.
    > Here on my linux box (Debian9 Xfce) everything is working except the < ctrl+'> (control + single quote) to enter the "canvas message console". I can enter it as explained in > "connecting_with_the_canvas_msg_console".
    > Feature request:
    > I found it difficult to see which cable is selected.
    > I suggest making the selected cable "Thicker" or something that makes it more visually obvious.

About the hotkey: Oh, there was an typo on the help patch! It is really shift+'

(in reality the hotkey is bind to "quotedbl" in "pd_bindings.tcl", hence the shift+single quote)

About the cables: yeah, i've also found it difficult. I've tought about making it thicker but i was afraid it would make some confusion with signal cables. I've also thought about using different colors but since PD uses black (+gray), white and blue i've avoided, for now, using other colors.

When cycling between more than one cable I've tried to display the selected cable in blue, making the non-selected cables gray. It helps a little bit but i still think we need some that highlights it better.

Some ideas up for discussion (in no particular order)

- Using green to make it more contrasting with the rest.
- Making the line thicker and also green to avoid confusion with signal chords.
- Making the line thicker and using a dashed pattern
- Displaying like with the normal black fill but with an blue outline. (also it would be thicker as a result)

There is one option that always struck me as something that would be nice that is animating stuff to make them easier to see. But nothing in PD is animated so far so right know i'm considering the other options.

What do you think?
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