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Not sure if this makes sense, but:

- are you using data structures graphically, or just to store data? Once
you have the model, are data structures really necessary anymore? Gem is
much faster if you only need to show the data, but don't need the
- [array]'s helpfile show how to get/set data from data structures. That
could copy the data to normal arrays, so that they're accessed by [tabread~]
- or see if Miller can add a -s flag to [tabread~] and similars, as it was
done with [array]


Am Fr., 3. Jan. 2020 um 18:05 Uhr schrieb x nor <x37v.alex at gmail.com>:

> This past week I've finally learned a bit more about data structures in PD
> and I've successfully created my own data structures that model data from
> ATS files (sines + noise analysis models).
> The re-synthesis ended up being a bit heavy because I didn't see a way to
> use tabread~/tabread4~ directly with arrays of complex data, so I patched
> some helpers that iterate the data structures and create float arrays from
> the fields as needed.
> I'm wondering if I can replace this with an external that deals with these
> details internally so I have a few questions before I go down that road:
> 1) I see that I can register "pointer" methods for externals.. my
> structure has a field that stores an array that stores arrays of structs,
> can I expect to be able to get to that data in an external? Any examples?
> 2) If I am able to get to the data, can I mark it as 'used for dsp'
> somehow like i see you can do for garrays, and then use it within a dsp
> callback 'safely' or do i need to copy the data into separate float arrays
> to do that?.. maybe i should reorganize the data so that I don't have to do
> the copy, but if I end up creating a bunch of float arrays to model the
> data inside my data structure, can I then somehow treat it as a "garray"
> and mark it used in dsp and use it in my dsp method?
> Thanks,
> Alex
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