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On Fri, Jan 3, 2020 at 4:13 PM João Pais <jmmmpais at gmail.com> wrote:

> [this mail was bounced, so it arrives a bit late to the thread]
> Not sure if this makes sense, but:
> - are you using data structures graphically, or just to store data? Once
> you have the model, are data structures really necessary anymore? Gem is
> much faster if you only need to show the data, but don't need the
> interaction.

I'm both storing data and showing it visually. I figured that is basically
what data structures are for and was excited to finally have a reason to
use them. I would eventually like to allow for interaction with the data.
I do realize GEM is a possibility but, so many people seem to have trouble
getting it working that it is tough to want to build new dependencies on
It does turn out that I am actually converting the data from the
datastructures into tables that I read into named arrays that I can read
with [tabread~] though I am still using [get]... good though there on using
[array get] !


> - [array]'s helpfile show how to get/set data from data structures. That
> could copy the data to normal arrays, so that they're accessed by [tabread~]
> - or see if Miller can add a -s flag to [tabread~] and similars, as it was
> done with [array]
> jmmmp
> Am Fr., 3. Jan. 2020 um 18:05 Uhr schrieb x nor <x37v.alex at gmail.com>:
>> This past week I've finally learned a bit more about data structures in
>> PD and I've successfully created my own data structures that model data
>> from ATS files (sines + noise analysis models).
>> The re-synthesis ended up being a bit heavy because I didn't see a way to
>> use tabread~/tabread4~ directly with arrays of complex data, so I patched
>> some helpers that iterate the data structures and create float arrays from
>> the fields as needed.
>> I'm wondering if I can replace this with an external that deals with
>> these details internally so I have a few questions before I go down that
>> road:
>> 1) I see that I can register "pointer" methods for externals.. my
>> structure has a field that stores an array that stores arrays of structs,
>> can I expect to be able to get to that data in an external? Any examples?
>> 2) If I am able to get to the data, can I mark it as 'used for dsp'
>> somehow like i see you can do for garrays, and then use it within a dsp
>> callback 'safely' or do i need to copy the data into separate float arrays
>> to do that?.. maybe i should reorganize the data so that I don't have to do
>> the copy, but if I end up creating a bunch of float arrays to model the
>> data inside my data structure, can I then somehow treat it as a "garray"
>> and mark it used in dsp and use it in my dsp method?
>> Thanks,
>> Alex
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