[PD-dev] Fwd: capabilities of data structures with externals

João Pais jmmmpais at gmail.com
Sat Jan 4 11:09:10 CET 2020

> I do realize GEM is a possibility but, so many people seem to have trouble
> getting it working that it is tough to want to build new dependencies on
> GEM.
> It does turn out that I am actually converting the data from the
> datastructures into tables that I read into named arrays that I can read
> with [tabread~] though I am still using [get]... good though there on using
> [array get] !

not sure if gem is so problematic (I only use it sporadically) - there was
a compatibility issue with 32b build on windows (which can kind of be
solved), but maybe I'm not following what happens on other OSs.
If you need to interact with scalars, then data-s would be helpful.
Sometimes some bugs in tcl/tk happen, and pd has to be restarted.

(I have here a patch with more than 33548 scalars, and that window does
take lots of time to open.)
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