[PD-dev] pd-lib-builder question (on osx)

Iain Duncan iainduncanlists at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 23:44:28 CET 2020

Hi devs, I'm trying to get pd-lib-builder working, but I think my lack of C
building experience has me stuck. I was able to get my empty helloworld
working ok, but not managing to link in S7.

My project has one C file, and needs to also include s7.h and build s7.c
I've included my (not working) Makefile below. When I try the below s7 does
get compiled, producing an s7.o file, but instead of static linking I get
an s7.pd_darwin file with all of the S7 stuff (it's big) and a tiny
s4pd.pd_darwin file. And the external tries to load an s7 function and
fails. Any tips much appreciated!


My Makefile:

# library name
lib.name = s4pd

# tried these too, to no avail
#lib.setup.sources = s7.c
#common.source = s7.c

# input source file (class name == source file basename)
class.sources = s4pd.c s7.c

# all extra files to be included in binary distribution of the library
datafiles = README.md

# include Makefile.pdlibbuilder from submodule directory 'pd-lib-builder'
include $(PDLIBBUILDER_DIR)/Makefile.pdlibbuilder
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